The Language of Desire Program Review – Improve Your Relationship

Imagine being able to control your man’s most guarded and intimate secrets and desires, and being able to get him turned on when and as you like? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Felicity Keith promises you just that (and more), with her unique and wildly impressive program – The Language of Desire. By adopting her Language of Desire program, you can attain a new level of “sexy” confidence in your relationship.

Not only that, but Felicity also reveals some great relationship advice in her program, which will make you feel and experience what it is like to have your man desire you madly, and have maximum fun in the process!

BUT before you make up your mind about Felicity’s The Language of Desire course, it is imperative that you are made aware of all the facts and fallacies that surround this unique system; ergo here is our Language of Desire review…

Felicity Keith has developed this brilliant relationship program – Language of Desire, specifically for women, which shows how they can use words (naughty nothings, dirty words et al.) to become the real and only fantasy of their men!

Using some very accessible, inspirational and utterly transformational techniques, the Language of Desire course imparts some great relationship advice for women, and help them become their man’s ultimate fantasy and the mistress of their dreams.

It unlocks the secrets of what men get attracted to and desire for in their women, and by doing so, it paves the way for YOU to reignite the passion that might have gone missing from your relationship.

It is more than teaching you ways to flirt and tease; it is more than teaching you how to talk “dirty” to your man in the bed, Language of Desire is the best relationship advice you can get to fix and re-energize your marriage/relationship.

About the Creator – Felicity Keith

Felicity is a 42-year old woman and mother of two kids. Unlike other self-professed “dating and relationship gurus” or “sexperts,” Felicity has developed the Language of Desire system, based entirely on her experience and an entire year’s worth of intensive research and testing.


She has tested the effectiveness of the LOD system personally, and by giving it to women of ages 18-80. Needless to say, each one of them has benefited immensely from her excellent Language of Desire course and that is the reason why she has chosen to share her secrets of best dating and relationship advice with the entire world now.

How Does it Work?

The Language of Desire system is all about manipulating the chemistry, which rules our feelings and emotions. By learning some secret dirty words, which act as a drug to the male conscious, you can turn him on with maximum effectiveness.

Imagine knowing what is going on in your man’s mind, and then surprising him with doing/saying the same things! This is where Language of Desire stops being a relationship advice program and seems more like a mysterious and magical experience.

When you enroll in the Language of Desire course by Felicity Keith, you get to learn some out-of-this-world techniques of seduction that will take your sexual confidence levels to new heights. These are some of the wonderful (and secretive) techniques that Felicity has to share with you:

1) Pavlov’s Erection Technique – Teaches you how to turn on your man, with uncontrollable desire and lust, every time you whisper these seemingly innocent but extraordinarily arousing words.

2) Porn Destroyer – Helps break up the porn addiction of your man, and get him to see the gorgeous woman right in front of him, that is you.

3) Erotic Telepathy Technique – Teaches you how to unravel the deepest and most intimate desires and wishes of your man. Great tool to surprise him by making all his dreams come true, without him even asking for it!

4) The Tease Intensifier – A slow burner; learn how to take his burning desire to the next level slowly. Unbridled lust, guaranteed.

5) Lust Mirror Technique – You get to learn how to initiate a “feedback loop” of lustful desire, that resonates with you and your man. Effective when you want to get him in the “mood,” when and as you like!


6) The Desire Seed – Tells you “exactly” what your guy wants to hear from your lips in the bed. Helps you remove any inhibitions that might exist between you two.

7) Erotic Action Movie – Learn how to manipulate your “feminine vulnerability,” and make him feel like a hero. Once you get him motivated enough, he will be the man you always wanted him to be.

Once you have learned how to use all the techniques as explained in Felicity’s Language of Desire, you will find yourself privy to a revitalized and much more loving relationship. So, if you happen to be a woman who is:

– not getting the physical and emotional attention she deserves/desires from her man, or

– looking for the best relationship and marriage advice, or

– seeking to raise her sexual confidence and experience level to uncharted heights, or

– desperate to know what men look for in their female partners or what males are attracted to, or

– lonely, and has already spent thousands looking for his ideal man on dating websites and wearing fancy clothes

Then, Language of Desire course is what you must adopt and conform. Felicity’s exceptional marriage and dating relationship advice program has been built specifically for women, who feel something lacking from their lives.

Language of Desire – Modules Included in the Package

By making a one-time payment of $47 only, you can purchase the entire Language of Desire online course and gain immediate access to a VIP section on the website – Once inside the member’s only area, you can find the following modules available for your perusal.

– Introduction

– Become a Sexual Superwoman

– Loving Man’s Best Friend (Hint: It’s Not His Dog)

– Brain Chemistry and Sex

– Erotic Action Movie Technique

– Desire Intensifiers

– Upgrade Your Relationship Status

– Getting Your Fantasies Met (with him thinking it’s his idea)

– When Sex Isn’t Possible (Or It Is Boring)

– Dirty Talk Mastery

Along with this 10-module online course, you also get access to three superb Bonus contents provided by Felicity.


Bonus #1: The Silent Seduction – The perfect companion to the Language of Desire program. While the latter is all about hush-hush words and naughty nothings, the Silent Seduction tells you how to seduce him without saying anything at all!

This guide teaches you the body language of desire – a mischievous wink, a delicate smile, and everything else that will make your guy fill up with excitement and hunger.

Bonus #2: Unstoppable Confidence – This is presented in the form of a 90-minute long MP3 downloadable audio lesson, which is imparted by Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold. It teaches you how to gain supreme confidence when around men, and learn how to play your softer side to your advantage when trying to win him over.

Bonus #3: The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty – 200 tested and proven dirty texts are included, that are Felicity’s private collection!

Does it work?

It is already wildly popular among women. The Language of Desire program is Felicity’s fruit of labor, one that she has had developed after months and months of hard work and experiments.

Her friends, family and women clients (that range from 22-year-old girls to 70-year-old single old ladies!), they have all benefited from its unique capabilities and amazing results. You can read more about their testimonies on the website:

What led us to believe in Felicity’s Language of Desire system, is the fact that it is not based merely on hearsay but solid science and personal experiences.


  • Highly practical relationship advice program
  • Suitable for women across all age groups
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Downloadable and works on phones too
  • Great value for money
  • 60-day, Full Refund Guarantee


  • ONLY for women (men must wait for a similar program!)
  • Only available as an e-book
  • Some words used may not find acceptance with some women

Our Recommendation

To put it simply, the Language of Desire is the definitive guide for women that tells them how to win men efficiently and quickly. So much so, it puts the key to males everywhere in the world, regardless of age or race.

But more than that, it is, in reality, a solid relationship advice program, which women can use to revitalize their (seemingly/possibly) dead relationships. What’s more, Felicity is taking all risk upon herself and is allowing a 60-day, no questions asked money back guarantee, in case you are not happy with what you have learned in the Language of Desire course.

What more could you possibly want out of the best relationship advice program for women? If you, as a woman, feel your sex life to be lacking, then, Felicity’s exceptional Language of Desire program is ideally suited for you.

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